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Portfolio Overview

Large Garden Sculptures:

   - Nature-Inspired Pieces: These sculptures are often inspired by natural forms and elements. From abstract representations of trees and flowers to stylized interpretations of wind and water, Rapalyea's garden sculptures are both a tribute to and an extension of the natural world.

   - Abstract Geometric Forms: Some of his large-scale works feature bold geometric shapes, intertwined in complex arrangements, creating a sense of movement and fluidity despite the solidity of the metal.

   - Interactive Installations: Several pieces are designed to encourage viewer interaction, be it through kinetic parts that move with the wind or through designs that invite viewers to walk through or around them, thus experiencing the art in a multi-dimensional way.
Smaller Assemblages:

   - Miniature Marvels: These smaller pieces showcase Rapalyea's attention to detail and his ability to convey emotion and narrative on a more intimate scale. They often serve as focal points in private collections or as unique decorative elements in homes and offices.

   - Mixed Media Integrations: Some of these assemblages incorporate other materials such as glass, wood, or stone, highlighting Rapalyea's versatility and willingness to experiment with different textures and mediums.
Case Pieces:

   - Functional Art: These works blend the boundaries between art and utility. From intricately designed metal furniture pieces to ornamental yet functional objects, these case pieces are both aesthetically pleasing and practical.

   - Custom Creations: Many of these items are custom-made, tailored to the specific desires and needs of clients, making each piece unique and personal.
Exhibitions and Installations:

Matthew Rapalyea's sculptures have been featured in a variety of settings:
- Public Spaces: His work in public spaces often becomes a part of the community's identity, offering a source of inspiration and contemplation for locals and visitors alike.

- Hotel Plazas: In hotel plazas, his sculptures contribute to the ambiance, enhancing the architectural beauty and luxury of these spaces.

- Private Gardens: His pieces in private gardens are often commissioned works, reflecting the personal tastes and visions of the garden owners, thus creating a harmonious blend between art and nature.
Artist's Approach:
As a self-taught artist, Rapalyea brings a unique perspective to his work. His approach is characterized by:

- Intuitive Design: His designs often evolve organically, guided by the properties of the metal and his current inspirations.

- Commitment to Originality: Each piece is a result of Rapalyea's commitment to creating original works that speak both to his artistic vision and to the space they inhabit.

- Sustainable Practices:

Where possible, Rapalyea incorporates recycled or repurposed metal, reflecting his respect for the environment and the sustainability of his art.

Matthew Rapalyea's portfolio is not just a collection of metal sculptures; it is a vivid journey through the possibilities of metal as an artistic medium. His work, characterized by its diversity, originality, and connection to both natural and urban environments, continues to captivate and inspire audiences worldwide.